Social Media Influence – Writing 101 Day 7

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Procrastination is an art form on its own. Even at the times when I am procrastinating, endlessly surfing through the world wide web (who even says that any more), I am working. I know, I know it might seem weird but it is after all a matter of perspective. In fact if you think about it, when you are scrolling through endless pages and posts, with topics that range from politics to nature to lifestyle to writing and back you are working. You are learning and observing the world around you. That is how you get inspiration, by learning little tiny facts everyday that just make this world all the more interesting.

Now, I know that I write fantasy and the seemingly “real world” is not the setting that I use to write… but, maybe one day I will! The world is such an interesting place and I have seen so little of it, so obviously as I experience it more, I will write about it more.

So, in answer to the tweet we must use as a prompt (“I can’t decide if procrastination kills creativity or is essential to it”) it is actually a bit of both. In a way it allows you to have all the more time to get creative, but at the same time it halts you from expressing that creativity. After all, the world will only know you have something to say, if you go ahead and say it.


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