The One When You Are Right Up My Alley – Writing 101 Day 8

Dear Writing101,

This time you are right up my alley. Surprisingly today you ask that we write a letter, so I thought I should write you a letter.

Now, I love letter writing, I write letters to everything and for everything. It makes me feel as if I have a deeper connection with something greater… does that even make sense?

Well, if anything, I would like to thank you. You are a great way of remembering what my voice sounds like when I am not writing a Nanowrimo novel. You provide a wonderful little place of insight in a world where that is rare.

In other news. I just wrote one of the best sentences of my life in my college essay. I just hope other people find it as amazing as I do… (and by other people I mean the grown ups that will either accept or reject me)

I hope you are doing well, and I shall be back tomorrow. Till then, I am sending you love!


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