Warren the 13th and the All- Seeing Eye – Book Review

Rating: 5/5 stars

Title: Warren the 13th and the All-Seeing Eye

Author: Tania del Rio , Will Staehle (Illustrations)


Plot: Warren is the 13th of his line, which means he will inherit his family’s hotel as soon as he turns 18. However, the hotel is full of secrets that unravel themselves right before Warren’s eyes. Not to mention, his evil Aunt, Anaconda, is ripping the hotel apart in her delirious search to find the All- Seeing Eye. Will Warren manage to save his family hotel and his life?

Characters: Warren, as the title implies, is the main character of the book. He is 12 years old, and although he always tries to work hard and be positive, he has terrible luck. Nevertheless, throughout all the struggles Warren faces in the book he always manages to be optimistic and kind hearted, which make him such a fabulous character.

His Aunt Anaconda, is evil and she always punishes Warren for the silliest of reasons. Anaconda is the total opposite of Warren, she is completely self-centred and the only thing she cares about is her own survival.

Overall: This book was epic. The illustrations were so good and on point all the time. Not to mention, they really helped you get a feel of what the book characters actually looked like. The plot was so original and the plot twists were non predictable and overall, unbelievable. The characters were great too, each of them had his or her own special little personality and all of them put together made the book so interesting to read. This book is appropriate for all ages and that is something i also enjoyed. Usually, when you have children’s or middle age books, they tend to be not very interesting for older audience, but this book honestly was. Highly recommend it, it is a great family read!


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