Lights, Camera, Writing – Day 10 Writing 101

She runs out in the middle of the street. It is almost as if she has popped out of nowhere land. – with her white and orange fur

“Where are you off to little one?”

And then, I spot it. A big wonderful black butterfly is flying just a few inches above the kitten, and the kitten can’t take her eyes of her. The butterfly turns in a small circle around herself completely unaware of the pair of eyes that are staring at her. The kitten twirls around once too, her gaze never losing sight of the beautiful butterfly. And within seconds the butterfly exits the stage and the kitten does the same almost immediately. Such a synchronized dance performance.

Nature – how are you so harmoniously balanced?

PS. Yesterday I wrote about my not so fabulous life and you guys seemed to enjoy that. So, from now on, I will post pictures on my Instagram under the #myfabulousboringlife

I hope you guys enjoy it!

Today’s picture and comment:


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