A lot to Say (A political and Environmental unstructured monologue) – Writing 101 Day 12

The easy way out for today’s prompt for writing 101 would be for me to write a movie review. Trust me, I thought I would do it, but then I realised there are so many things I care about, so many ideas in my head… and although I voice them when I am around other people, I feel like on the internet it is hard to express myself on matters that are important.

So, I decided not to take the easy road out. I decided to talk about something I care about. After all how can I be a journalist or an activist when I am not open to voicing my opinions on-line.

The world is in turmoil, the Paris and Lebanon terrorist attacks shook the world uncontrollably. The media has been bombarding people with information, so I feel like most are already aware of what is going on. What I want to talk about is Kalimantan.

Now, for those of you who have not heard about Kalimantan, I do not blame you. I myself, have news alerts from some of the biggest news outlets and I did not hear it until I went to Yoga class (while still in Bali)

Here is a bit of background information. Kalimantan is the Indonesian part of the island of Borneo. Its rainforest, is considered to be one of the oldest on the planet and it houses many different species of plants and animals.

The bad news? It is on fire. Literally, over the past few months hundreds of fires have been threatening not only the rainforest, but also, the inhabitants of the planet.

Why is no one talking about this? Is it because big corporations have a lot to lose? I honestly do not know. But this is a crisis. When over 10 people have died because of the haze created by the fires and another 43 million have been inhaling toxic fumes, it is a problem.

So, here is my question, how fair is it to allow people to suffer. To allow species to go extinct, just because someone wants to make more money.

Have we really reached the point where we only answer to humanitarian and environmental crises when we too have something to gain? Why do we let things get violent? More importantly, why have we reached the conclusion that violence will solve violence?

Back to the Paris Attacks. Tragic as they are. Do you really believe that bombing Syria is going to solve anything? I have done my research and I have seen how the world has changed in the past 18 years that I am alive. Here is what I learned. You managed to defeat Al Qaeda only to have ISIS emerge. You have people who have admitted that the reason they are part of terrorist groups is that they had people attack them in their homes, for no reason.

Violence is a vicious cycle. For a change, instead of violence, try kindness. At an individual level you can smile on people you see on the street, offer them a kind word, a prayer if you believe in that. Don’t judge and let your mind run a million miles per hour.


I have so much that I could say, but quite frankly I do not know if it is the time yet. What I do know is that I should do this more often. If my contribution to this world can be raising awareness by even making one more person more aware of what is going on. I will take on the role gladly.



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