Dear 2015 (#2) Obstacles in my way

Dear 2015,

Writer’s Block is not something I experience often. For the most part, I can always think about what to write. Once I start writing, words seem to come out naturally, as if it is my second (or maybe even first) nature.

However, after writing a book and having Nablopomo over my head, it appears I am a bit drained. It is as if I do not really have any ideas about what to write… so, bare with me 2015, because your last month will prove to be all the more interesting because of that.

Hopefully, I will be able to deal with this small obstacle on the road to finishing off this year.

May Lord Ganesha help me in this journey.


Ps. In case you do not know who Lord Ganesha is, he is one of the Hindu deities and he is most commonly known as remover of obstacles. He is also associated with knowledge and writing to an extent.

I do not know a ton about the Hindu religion, but Lord Ganesha was a very prevalent deity in the yoga shalas and ashrams I visited.


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