Dear 2015 (#4) – The Stories In My Head

Dear 2015,

I know that I am writing this letter to talk about realisations I had this year and things I am thankful for, but in a way this is a realisation. So, let’s get to know eachother a bit better. Shall we?

I do not know if this is just me, but I love making up stories. Before I fall asleep I will just start creating a story in my head and over the next few nights I add details, characters, further the plot a bit more… anything that I would do if I was actually outlining a story. Now, usually my “before bed/I should be a sleep because it’s way past my bedtime” stories are romance stories, the cheesiest kind of romance stories ever to exist… and honestly they will probably never be on paper but they are fun. It is also unbelievably helpful to get my creative juices flowing right before asleep.

Those are the stories in my head. They just live in there and they provide solitude even in the darkest of days.

But, this year I realised that not all stories were stories in my head (which was my previous assumption.) So many of them are given to me. Sometimes it is as if I can visualize things without actually using my brain. The thoughts come to me… Those stories exist in a blurred place where the lines of reality are barely meeting with my brain, and for a few mere seconds it is as if two words are co-existing. And just like that it is gone again, while my brain is trying to balance on a thin thread of memory and translate the story that was given to it before it is too late… before it becomes another blurred story, another blurred memory.

Anyway, this might not make sense to most people, but I am sure there is someone out there that can relate.

Goodnight 2015!


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