Dear 2015 (#6) – Nostalgia

Dear 2015,

You were my first year as an adult. Technically not a full year (only 10 months) but close enough… and honestly I can’t help but feel nostalgic for the time and things that passed.

Do you know that feeling where you sense that something has shifted and changed but you cannot really pinpoint what it is? That is me right now.

I know things have changed but I just can’t quite comprehend the change yet. It is as if Earth is spinning too fast sometimes and I am on the verge of losing my balance. And I can’t help fearing what will happen if I do. Will I just get up and be the same or will I be someone new, someone different.

I feel that things have become my history, my past before I was ready for them to become that… and at the same time I feel like I am not holding on to anything.

Nostalgia over a time of balance, over a happy time that is now gone… only to be followed by a different happy time.


Currently Playing: Nostalgia- Yanni








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