Dear 2015 (#7) – Cleaning (5 things to make everything joyful)

Dear 2015,

This year has been the cleaning year. Other than the fact that I am finally cleaning the basement and attic, I am also cleansing.

The past 6 months have just been filled with cleaning, joy, laughter, breathing and yoga and I am honestly thankful for that.

So, this year I have figured out the five things that make me happier when I am all alone.

Here are my realisations:

The earlier I fall asleep and wake up, the better I feel.

If I wake up and make my bed first thing in the morning I am more productive for the rest of the day. Something about making my bed makes me feel accomplished (plus, I do not feel like messing it up by jumping right back in bed.)

The hardest part is getting up and doing something, but once you start the rest is easy.

When I eat purely vegan and especially raw vegan, my body feels healthier and if at the same time I do yoga, I am honestly happier.

Writing everyday makes me feel more balanced.

So, if you were to choose five things that made your life better but involved only yourself, what would you choose?


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