Dear 2015 (#9) -Appreciation Day

Being grateful for the world around you, is one of those qualities that I find so attractive in people, and this is why.

If one is appreciative and grateful of what they already have, no matter how silly or small it is, they will generally attract more of that positive energy back to them. While I was in Bali one of our teachers used to ask us at the beginning of the class a question, one day the question was this “What is one thing that made you smile today?” Honestly, a month later and I still think about that question every night before I fall asleep, because if I can find one thing that made me smile and appreciate it, then I had a good day. Productive or not, having eaten healthy or not, exercised or not, I had done it, I had managed to smile and then take a moment to actually acknowledge and appreciate that.

Here is my challenge to you 2015, I know you are coming to an end, but from now on, when the day has almost passed, ask yourself. “What was one thing that made me smile today?” and then say thank you.


Currently wishing that I had a full version of this song: The Ride- DUNES