Dear 2015 (#20) – The One I Have A Type of Writers Block

Dear 2015,

As you know, I have spent quite a significant amount during this year writing. From poetry to my blog, from essays to my novel, I would say I have written during this single year over 200k + words. As you can understand that is quite a lot (for me at least it is.) So, I think it is a bit natural that right now I am experiencing a bit of a writers block.

Here is the thing, I have so many ideas about what to write, but I just can’t write. Usually when I open a new word document or open my notebook the words start flowing out without me spending too much time thinking about it. However, that is not the case right now. Every night I start thinking about what I want to tell you and I really do want to keep it real with you, so I know that my letters lately have been a bit blunt… but I promise I will try more.


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