Dear 2015 (#25) – The One Christmas Has A Twist

Dear 2015,

Blogmas is over and Christmas day is almost over too. Just because I really want to remember this Christmas I will now give you a small outline of what happened today.

I woke up to the sound of something banging, or dropping on the floor. Seconds later my brother started yelling my name. I went downstairs to find him sick and half paralysed. My morning consisted of taking care of him as well as receiving an unexpected invitation to a Christmas lunch. We went… and even though my brother was still a bit sick and I was not particularly in the mood to go, we had an awesome time.

I am so thankful for the people I have around me, people I do not always know as well as I would like to, but who are always there for me.

I do not usually direct things in my letters to you to other people, but today I am making an exception since it is Christmas.

I hope everyone had a wonderful day, whether you celebrated Christmas or not. I hope you all were lucky enough to have something make you smile today, even if it was unexpected.



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