Dear 2015 (#31) – A Grateful Ending

Dear 2015,

Another Year Comes to an end, and honestly I am grateful for so many milestones I hit. So let me start giving thanks.

I am thankful for all my teachers and the people I met this year. From school to yoga, everyone has been so amazing and helpful. They have helped me grow in unbelievable ways and I will forever be grateful for my time with them.

To my family, I know I can be a lot to handle but I am grateful for all of you. Whether you are with me daily or you have left this plane long ago, I think about you a lot.


I turned 18 this year, which means I am legally an adult. From my best to my worst, this has been the best year yet… and do you want to know a secret “it only gets better.”

I graduated school and life out of school means freedom.

I started a Youtube channel – pretty cool huh?

I finished the Sword of Truth Series (FINALLYYYYY)

I wrote a book and won Nanowrimo (which is, in internet slang, #goals)

I travelled outside Europe (well it does depend on whether you consider Turkey to be Europe, but Turkey is a neighbooring country so..) for the first time.

I feel happier and healthier than ever and I try to eat better.


So, 2015 our time together might be over, but we will always have this letters to look back on. Thank you for all the time and opportunities. Thank you for life, good or bad it shaped me.

And tell 2016, it has a hard job if its going to surpass this year.





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