Emissary – Book Review



Rating: 3.5/5 stars

Title: Emissary

Author: Thomas Locke



Plot: Hyam used to be a farmer, until he realised that within him there was great power. After his mothers death, he journey to one of the Long Halls (which are a sort of wizards order/ housing as far as I understood) to inquire about his past. He himself, has lived in a Long Hall for 5 years, studying as an apprentice, but he is turned away. Hyam’s past is clouded and so is his future.

The plot for this story is quite interesting and at the same time pretty fast paced, but at times this comes at great cost. Connection between certain events is not made clear, which makes it seem as if sometimes characters are jumping into things just to keep the plot moving.

Characters: The main character Hyam, is quite likeable but at the same time he is a bit mysterious, in the sense that we do not often get to know a lot about him. Joelle, the female lead is a nice character, but at times her actions come out of the blue. The relationship between the two characters “jumps” through the scenes without truly getting established at any point. Finally, Trace the old Mage who is helping Hyam in his journey, is wise but often bypassed. At the same time, he seems to not always have a great understanding of magic or of how the world truly functions.

Overall: This book is enjoyable but is not a fantastic fantasy book. The pace is great but as I said before, at often times that comes by taking out scenes that would help establish the connections between everything that is going on. If you want to pick this book up, I would definitely not stop you, it is a quick and easy read and sometimes that has to be enough.



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