Inspiration Strikes… and it’s way past midnight

I don’t know if this happens only to me, but it happens all the time. Let me take this story from the top. Yesterday night, I had to work till 11pm and then edit and upload my rainbowthon TBR. Once I was done with that, I finished writing some reviews and then I casually checked my phone to see the time. Suddenly, I notice that it is almost 2am, surprised I decide it is time for me to fall asleep, so I turn everything off and then I try to sleep.

Almost an hour later, I’m still awake, only now I keep getting these amazing verses for the poem I was planning to write for Valentine’s day. So, I literally find my planner scribble down the words and then I turn everything off once more and I try going to sleep. I literally fell asleep a minute after my head hit the pillow.

I made two realisations that night.

  1. Inspiration will never knock on the door and wait for me to answer and at the same time it will never wait for me to knock its door. NO! My inspiration will knock the door down and demand my attention, it will demand that I release it into paper.
  2. When voices are talking in my head, I will never be able to sleep. So, from now on, when inspiration strikes, I will strike back until our fight dance is over and I can get the chance to cool off a little bit.


Again, I hope this is not just me and I hope this doesn’t make me crazy. It’s almost midnight and I just needed to get this off my mind. I blog when things arise and this is what I have been dealing with for the past week…

Thank you for reading, tell me about the moments you feel inspired in the comment section.



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