Finishing a book, “Never Again” – Prompt Response

Never Again


Never is a strong word, and generally I do not usually say that I won’t try something again, but there is one thing that I will “never again” do. *Drum roll* Ever since I can remember myself, I’ve had this obsession with finishing every book I started, even worse if that book was a part of a series I would force myself to read the whole series. In general, that was not a problem, but there were some books I hated and yet, I kept on reading. Never again my friends. Lately, I have realised that time is so limited I do not want to spend my time finishing books I am not enjoying or gaining something from. Thus, you will see that for example, in October when I started reading The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan I did not force myself to finish it because I was not enjoying it. Even more importantly, I did not force myself to read the whole series (not just finish the book.) So from now on I say “never again” to finishing books and book series that I am not enjoying.


2 thoughts on “Finishing a book, “Never Again” – Prompt Response

    1. Exactly!! I’m glad I’m not alone with this. I always feel bad when I don’t finish a book, especially when it is a book everyone else loved. Thank you for commenting!

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