Blood, Ink and Fire // Short Video & Book Review


Rating: 5/5 stars

Title: Blood, Ink & Fire

Author: Ashley Mansour



Plot: In this post-apocalyptic novel the world is no longer as we know it. The United States of Fell run the world, while the few sovereign’s that are constantly watched and monitored. Noelle, has lived her entire life in Fell, just like her parents had before her. A stream of light, known as Verity is her source of education. Books and written texts are banned. Noelle, escapes Fell only to be haunted and tracked down. Her family and friends suffer the consequences, while she begins to look for the Volumes that were left by the Risers, in the hopes that she can figure out how to restore the knowledge that they lost.


Characters: Noelle the main character, is known as the reader. She is the main character and is considered the hero in this book. She is the only one left that can read and that alone puts her in danger. She is willing to sacrifice herself to save her family and friends and she is overall a splendid character to follow.

Ledger, is one of the male side characters, but he is not entirely human. Ledger is the only one who can help Noelle understand pieces of the story and history of the Risers. Together they will try to save all the Volumes that were left behind.

Side characters: All of the side characters in this book are very unique and well made. All the risers and their ancestors, Noelle’s family and every other character that appears in this book has his/ her own traits and flaws. This fact adds to the overall sensation of reality that you get when you read this book. It adds to the world building as well as help make the book more interesting.


Overall: The world in this book is amazing. It is so well built and the concept of it is fantastic. The characters are very well made and they definitely help in keeping the plot interesting. Any Dystopian/ Post apocalyptic young adult lover will love this book. (Especially any lover of the Shatter Me series by Tahareh Mafi will  adore this book.)

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