Seriously… I’m Kidding – Book Review



Rating: 3.5/ 5 stars

Author: Ellen DeGeneres

Title: Seriously… I’m Kidding

Format read: Audiobook




This book review will not follow the same format I usually use. The reason for this is that “Seriously… I’m Kidding” is a non-fiction book, it has no plot or characters that I can write about. Basically, the book is divided in chapters and as far as I noticed, although the chapters are in a somewhat chronological order, each chapter can actually stand on its own. The whole book is very humoristic and comedic and personally I laughed quite a bit while listening to the book.

Is it the best written book? Nope.

But because I listened to the audiobook that did not bother me. The narration itself was wonderful, and I am so glad Ellen DeGeneres was the one that narrated the book rather than some voice actor. It added a lot to it and if anything, it made it even funnier.

If you want a laugh you should definitely give this book a try. The audiobook is quite short and enjoyable. Perfect for a day of cleaning around!


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