There are no excuses for Writer’s Block

Writer’s Block is not an excuse for writing. Over the years, I have seen numerous people use it as an excuse, I myself have used it as an excuse in the past … and it is not. There is no other way of saying it other than that. It is not an excuse.

Before you react to this statement, hear me out. In a world where there is so much going on, from the news to your next door neighbour, there are situations to inspire you at all times. In a world where for many writers surfing the web is a means of procrastination, there is no excuse for not writing. There are so many prompts, quotes and articles out there, that even if I started writing non-stop everyday of my life responses, I would still not even manage to respond to half of it.

Yet, even now, as I am writing this, I can’t help but feel guilty for all the times that I said “I will write about that later” or “I will make a note of that idea.” It is not Writer’s block that has stopped from writing on this blog, it is procrastination. When I am anxious, I procrastinate, instead of using my feelings to produce new content, I have been allowing myself to fall into a vicious cycle. A cycle that starts and ends with me not writing.

In all honesty, I wish I can be better than this. Even writing this short post has helped my creative juices flow much more naturally, instead of them becoming stagnant. It is the natural way of life, when water is flowing, you function better. If it stays stagnant, you become a victim to the force that used to power you up.

Hopefully, this endless cycle of tomorrow will come to an end today. Maybe, I need to re-do the “writing everyday for a month” thing. It helps, it really does.

Having said all that I was meaning to say in this post, I think it is time for me to tell all of you one more thing. I am bringing some form of schedule back. I function better under it. Until next time, I hope you are all having a great time.


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