The Abyss Surrounds Us – Book Review (Day 2)



Rating: 4/5 stars

Title: The Abyss Surrounds Us

Author: Emily Skrutskie

The Abyss Surrounds Us Book One



As always potential spoilers are underlined.


In this dystopian young adult book, the sea world is controlled with the use of genetically engineered monsters. Cassandra, was born into the business of breeding and training monsters, Reckoners, to protect the NeoPacific from pirates. But, her first mission to protect a ship does not go as planned. Her Reckoner and ship are attacked by pirates and she fails to protect it. When she gets captured by the pirates her whole life changes in numerous ways.


Cassandra, the main character is a very strong and driven young girl. She is faced with many tough choices throughout the book and although she does not always manage to please everyone around her, she always tries. Cas, becomes an outcast from the world she knew, when she enters the world of piracy.

Swift, who is one of the supporting characters is one of those characters you cannot help but love. She comes from a tough background and she had to climb her way up. She works hard and does everything in her power to ensure her survival. Her relationship with Cas is “tangled”, in more than one way, which makes their clashes so appealing and relatable.


Overall: This book was a solid start to this promising new series. The premise is quite interesting and new, and the fact that most of the book takes place in a ship makes it all the more fascinating. In all honesty, I thoroughly enjoyed this book and it gave me so many feels. The characters are so wonderfully made and so realistic.I cannot wait to see where this story goes to next. If you are a fan of LGBT YA and YA Dystopian books, then this is definitely a book you should try picking up!


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