Unravel Me – Book Review (Day 2)



Rating: 4.5/5 stars

Title: Unravel Me

Author: Tahereh Mafi

Shatter Me Series Book Two

Shatter Me- Book Review



This review may contain some spoilers for the first book Shatter Me. Those will be underlined, so if you have not yet read Shatter Me, you may want to avoid reading those parts. Also, avoid reading the plot since it does reveal some things about Shatter Me.


Unravel Me picks up right where Shatter Me left off. Juliette, Adam and Kenji have managed to seek refuge in Omega point, where they will soon learn that the world is very different than what they thought. Omega point is filled with people who have gifts, just like our characters. Most importantly, Omega point is also the headquarters of the resistance.

In all honesty, at least 70% book has a lot less action than the first book does. The fact that they live in an underground, secluded area does not offer a lot room for action. However, the book is not boring and the information you gather from their stay at Omega Point is so important when it comes to the world.

This book is very enjoyable and it helps move the characters and their relationships towards becoming better.

The last few chapters of the book are action packed and will definitely have you glued to each page.


I have talked about Adam, Warner and Juliette in my review of Shatter Me, so you can read my initial thoughts on them there.

Juliette in Unravel Me has a lot of emotional ups and downs and so does Adam. Their romantic relationship is in turmoil and things have changed a lot for them. Although they are still together, they have begun growing apart. 

Other than that, in this book Juliette is starting to realise her power and although she is still emotional, fact of the matter is she is starting to understand her abilities a lot more. To me, the reason Unravel Me is such a good second novel in a trilogy is exactly that. It provides the space and time for Juliette to grow into the “hero” if you must. Most YA trilogies do not do that, everything happens fast and abruptly, but not in this series.

Unravel Me is also where we get to really meet Kenji. Kenji is funny and witty and the loving best friend we all need. There is nothing about him that I do not adore. From the jokes he makes to the doses of reality that he sometimes has to deliver. He is a much needed character in the book, at times he is the voice of reason (weird but true) and that makes him an invaluable asset to the story.

Finally, Warner. Oooh, Warner, why must you remain a mystery for all of us. Although in this book we get to learn a lot more about this mysterious character, he is still guarded. I honestly, can’t say a lot about him, because I will reveal and spoil things, but he is just amazing.


Overall: Unravel Me is the perfect continuation to Shatter Me. It provides space and time for the characters to grow. We see all of their relationships develop, without actually being in a rush. Finally, I am not one to use GIF’s in my reviews, but I need to leave you with this.




Ps. I will post a second book review later today for the book “The Abyss Surrounds Us” stay tuned for that!




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