Ignite Me – Book Review (Day 3)



Rating: 5/5 stars

Title: Ignite Me

Author: Tahereh Mafi

Shatter Me Book 3

Unravel Me Book Review

Shatter Me Book Review


This review may contain some spoilers for the first book Shatter Me and the second book Unravel Me. Those will be underlined, so if you have not yet read Shatter Me, you may want to avoid reading those parts. Also, avoid reading the plot since it does reveal some things about Shatter Me.


The war destroyed Omega Point completely. Juliette does not know with certainty that any of her friends, or Adam are alive. The one person left for her to trust is Warner. Obviously, with Omega Point destroyed, any potential revolution was crashed, but that won’t stop Juliette.

I wish I could tell you more about the plot of this book, but I can’t. I do not want to ruin this book for anyone, so let’s move on to our characters.


The Juliette in Ignite Me is not the same Juliette we read about in Shatter Me. Even with Omega Point destroyed, she has gained confidence and she feels a lot more certain of herself in this book. Still, there are things halting her growth… (*cough* Adam *cough*) As the storyline of this book unfolds, so does Juliette’s power.

In this book we also get to know a lot more about Warner. It’s not that Warner himself as a character changes that much, it is just that he lets his guard down. Plus, we finally get to know his motives behind everything he does.


I have only one thing to say about this book. I finished reading it the same night I picked it up, plus I re-read 3 times right after I finished it. Obviously, saying I enjoyed it is an underestimation. The book has ups and downs and it so filled with emotions and feels. I just adored reading Ignite Me. (I wish there was more)


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