MANGA CLASSICS: The Scarlet Letter – Manga Review (Day 4)



Rating: 3/5 stars

Information on Book

I received a free copy of this book through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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Note: Because this is an adaptation, aspects of the book might have been altered so as to fit the new format.


This is the third and final Manga Classic I will be reviewing (the previous two are linked above.) Now, since I have read some of the previous manga classics in this series, I somewhat knew what to expect. The Scarlet Letter is not a story I am terribly familiar with. I have read parts of the book, but have never read the original novel in its entirety.

The manga was very well illustrated and it was definitely worth the time I spent reading it. It was very enjoyable and I really liked all of the different scenes. With that, what I did not like as much was the connections between some scenes and some chapters. I felt that this manga lacked cohesion at times, but that might just be because I am not extremely familiar with the story.


I read this manga in one sitting and I honestly doubt it took more than two hours for me to get through the entire thing. The illustrations were very powerful in invoking certain feelings when it came to the characters. Just based on the shadows and the way the artwork was created I could understand a lot more about the story and the characters. I definitely think that this manga is worth giving a shot. It is a different type of adaptation for this classic and the artwork adds to the sensation of the story. This project of adapting the classics into manga is very well done, if you are a fan of mangas you should give this a try.


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