The I Own Too Many Books – Book Tag

The questions:

1. The book you’ve owned for the longest?

The Little Prince

2. The book you’ve owned for the longest and haven’t read yet?

The Pretty Little Liars First four books (3 actually 😛 )
3. That book that you hate, and you totally should have gotten rid of it by now, but you haven’t?

Twilight Series
4. A book that someone pressured you into getting, but you just don’t want to read it?

I don’t really get pressured into buying books.

5. A book on your TBR that you want to read next?

A Gathering of Shadows (which at this time, I have read)
6. That book that you brought at the bookstore that one time, but haven’t read yet?

The Casual Vacancy
7. That book that you spent all your money on at that bookstore?

The Casual Vacancy
8. The prettiest book you own?

Midsummer’s Night Dream or Days of Blood and Starlight
9. The ugly hoe on your bookshelf (the ugliest book you own)?

Looking for Alaska


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