I Wrote This For You – Book Review



Rating: 4.75/5 stars

Title: I wrote this for you

Author: pleasefindthis



This poetry collection is full of poems about love and heartache. One of my favourite part about this collection was how simple the language was. It was the use of the language that made some of the poems so memorable to me. Some of the poems had so many emotions packed in such small sentences, it was honestly great.

The photography in this book was interesting, but definitely not spectacular. Personally, I must admit that I did not pay much attention to the photography and definitely did not even have it in mind a factor that played into the rating I gave the book.

Finally, what I personally really enjoyed in the poems, were the different people who the poems were written for. To me, it was clear from the start that not all the poems were written for the same person, and although the poetry collection is called this is for you, to me that  you is unspecified.

If you like poetry that is not as lyrical, but is definitely full of emotions then you should definitely try reading this poetry collection!




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