Golden Braid // Short Video & Book Review

Rating: 3.5/5 stars

Title: The Golden Braid

Author: Melani Dickerson


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Plot: This book is a fairytale retelling of Rapunzel. In this version of the story, Rapunzel has grown up with her “mother” Gothel. The difference is that although Gothel is very strict and she does not allow Rapunzel to have any relations with other people, Rapunzel is not locked up in any tower (spoiler: or at least at the start)
The main thing though is that we do not know exactly how Rapunzel came to live with Gothel, so Rapunzel’s past is a mystery.

Characters: Rapunzel, the protagonist, is strong but she lacks independence and power of will, or at least she does so at the start. As the plot unfolds, she becomes more confident in her abilities and she begins to make decisions for herself. Generally, she is a relatable character. She has flaws and she has many qualities.
Sir Gerek, the knight in the book, is again a character with both weaknesses and abilities. He can be arrogant but at the same time kind, he can be heartless and at the same time caring… and no he is not bipolar, but he is definitely a character that grows a lot throughout the book.
Gothel, is not a very appealing character. It is very easy to despise her and dislike her, and especially after her past is revealed. However, she is human and that is a huge part of the story. She inflicts pain because she has suffered, and she wrongs other because she feels that others have wronged her.

Overall: Overall, it is a fast paced read and definitely an enjoyable retelling. I liked the “historical” feel this book had which makes me think it will be a great fit not only for YA lovers, or for lovers of retelling, but it might also be enjoyable for anyone who enjoys reading historical fiction. This book is a solid 4 stars book and I recommend it with no hesitation.

Disclaimer: This book is supposed to be part of a series, but I read it as a stand-alone and had no problems understanding the story.


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