Longhand your way through Stories – Prompt Response

Daily prompt: Handwriting


Over the years I have had numerous notebooks for story ideas, poetry, lists and inspiration. The action of keeping this physical archive of everything I thought, got me into the habit of writing things down. Nowadays, with all of the technology that surrounds me, I sometimes find it hard to still write things down. I record ideas or write them on the notes on my phone, only to have them forgotten or sometimes even deleted.

I still make an effort to write poetry in a physical notebook and keep a character journal. I, also, always carry a notebook for ideas with me, although I find myself reaching for it less often.

Still, there is something about the act of handwriting a story onto paper that makes me feel more alive. For some reason having it on paper, it just makes the story more real. Having all the physical notebooks filled with notes, makes me feel more accomplished and it is something I want to get back into.

From now on, I will start writing all of my outlines on paper, file them up, keep them close. Just in case, because one day paper and pen might not be all we have to remember.


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