Getting Inspired by Clichés

Hello lovelies! Lately, I have been turning for inspiration to cliches and common phrases/sayings found in both Greek and English.

Basically, what I like to do is to take the phrase and create a world where that phrase is the “rule of the universe” if you will. For example, if the proverb I wanted to use was

“The pen is mightier than the sword.”

The world created might be a world of illiteracy, where an elite few had the power to write, and whatever they wrote became true. While the peasants were left to die in wars and wield swords for those more privileged.

Obviously, this is not the most flawless idea for a world, but it could prove good enough for an interesting story.

Inspiration is sometimes needed just because you need to practice your writing skills, so ideas are not as important as the actual writing. Other times, the idea you will get might be spectacular and you might be able to work it to perfection. The important thing though, is that you always think creatively and you always write as much as you can.


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