I ship it, you kill it

Buckle up people, this post is a rant in the making. Also spoilers will exist in this post about a couple of  TV Shows, so as soon as you read the name of a TV show you don’t want to be spoiled for, stop reading.

As a crazy fangirl, which I actually am not but still, I belong to multiple fandoms; and with fandoms come ships and otps. Accept it, it is a universally acknowledged truth. Here is another universally acknowledged truth: When the whole fandom ships a couple you are not supposed to kill it for no reason.

For example, dear the 100, you killed Lexa and thus, Clexa. While I understand that Alycia, who played the 100, was cast in The Fear of The Walking Dead and therefore she needed to stop being in the 100, the way you killed her off was ridiculous. A bullet that was meant for Clarke, really? No medical support? No guards to protect her? She is the Commander of the Grounders and she just walked in a room with no escorts? Grow up please. There are more creative ways for you to kill off characters or to make them go away. Clarke could have simply left the Polis and left Lexa behind for the next few episodes. Or Lexa could have died in a battle. But no. A bullet is the easy way, so you chose the easy way.

A couple of episodes later it was Lincoln’s time to die. Now, do not get me started on the reasons that Ricky  wanted to exit the 100, because that is a different story. Point is, Lincoln had to die. So, how will we kill Lincoln and thus, Linctavia one of the strongest ships in the show. He will take a bullet to the head to save the other Grounders and Octavia. How original right? Two ships killed in such similar ways. I mean seriously, I can’t be the only one annoyed about this.

I mean to say I was mad about my two favourite canon ships dying would not even begin to describe what I was feeling. But I survived it, which brings me to this week show to anger me, Once Upon A Time. I am one of those people who started watching OUAT in the beginning of season one and I can easily say that it is my favourite show on tv right now. Still, in this weeks episode they temporarily killed two of my favourite ships, Hook and Emma, and Robin and Regina. And I ask you why? Even though it was pretty obvious that Hook was coming back to life, why kill off Robin? I honestly do not understand it, and the writers of the show had to be expecting backlash for that episode.


Alright, I think I have gotten most of my frustration out. As an end note you should know this. Just because I ship it, doesn’t mean you should kill it.


Check out yesterday’s post about my poetry notebook obsession.


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