The Other Side of Gravity – Book Review




Rating: 3.5 stars

Title: The Other Side of Gravity

Author: Shelly Crane

The Oxygen Series




Plot: In this Dystopian Science Fiction novel, the human race had to abandon planet Earth in order to survive. Not only that, but in this new planet that they are inhabiting, oxygen and gravity are goods sold in the black market. The ruthless government, Militia, is there to ensure that order is kept at all times.

Sophelia, the main female character, is a victim of exactly that order. When she becomes an orphan, she is taken in by the Militia and forced into a life of slavery.

Maxton, the main male character, has lived his whole life working to help his family pay taxes.

When the two meet, they realise that the world might just be much bigger than they thought.



Sophelia, is a really lovable character. You can’t help but sympathise with her and feel compassion towards her. She is strong, although she often has trouble understanding that sometimes the world is not always as it seems. I really liked Sophelia’s character arc throughout this book. I enjoyed watching her slowly open up more and more. However, at times I felt that she was overreacting over things that she had appeared to be seemingly okay with before.

Maxton, is a very loyal character which makes him such a nice guy for Sophelia. His relationship with his family is so wonderful to read about and he just seems like a genuinely good guy. He has been through a lot and that has groomed him into becoming a responsible and caring person.


Overall: I really enjoyed reading this book, the only reason that my rating is not higher is because I found it to be a bit too slow going at times and have some scenes  that were not very well connected. Other than that, the book was a nice read, it was well written and the premise and plot of the book were very interesting. I am really looking forward to reading the second book in this series!




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