About Me

First and foremost, Welcome!

Thinking about the reason I have a blog a quote comes in mind “No story lives unless someone wants to listen.” – J.K. Rowling. The fact is, I have only done a certain amount of things in my life . So here are some basic things about me, I love public speaking and debating and most of my life revolves around that and my school career. Writing is the one thing that keeps me sane, in my insane life. It has proved to be a weapon in my hands. A weapon that helped me gain confidence and make my dreams come true. This is where you come in. You, are what makes my writing come to life

Business email: elianaskoul@gmail.com

Rating System

1 star -did not like it at all. Would not recommend it.

2 stars – Bearable, not great.

3 stars -It was fine. Not a favourite.

4 stars – Enjoyed it a lot. It was a great read or movie.

5 stars – Absolutely loved it, every aspect of it.


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