Dear 2014 (#31)

Dear 2014, This is officially the end of our relationship. Your time has now passed and it saddens me. Honestly, it feels like what is described in the scene with the fox in the Little Prince. It was nice meeting you, I will miss you and I will always cherish the memories of this year. … More Dear 2014 (#31)

Dear 2014 (#30)

Dear 2014, Let’s get a bit personal about the new year. This year I am thinking of making a few new year resolutions and trying to actually stick to them. It is hard, sometimes I do not think I can do it… I try to keep true to my resolutions but mid-way they stop being … More Dear 2014 (#30)

Dear 2014 (#29)

Dear 2014, Sometimes I wish that making choices was easier. I would say that in 2014, I had a fair deal of choices to make and some were very hard. For me, the hard part is actually the fact that I try to not hurt anyone else while making them… sometimes that is not possible… … More Dear 2014 (#29)

Dear 2014 (#28)

Dear 2014, I am finally going to watch the Hobbit in the movie theatre and I am very excited about that. Other than that, I only have one thing in mind that I would like to tell you. So here it is, concerning research. As writers we are required to research a great deal of topics. … More Dear 2014 (#28)

Dear 2014 (#27)

Dear 2014, You really are nearing an end… To be honest, I hadn’t realised how much you had offered me before I started this series. I feel like I have grown a lot in this year and that is something I will forever be grateful for. I do not think you were the best year … More Dear 2014 (#27)

Dear 2014 (#26)

Dear 2014, I am behind in my reading challenge… I am hoping I can catch up (I am 6 books behind I think). Anyway, I found what I will do for the Dear 2015 series. It most probably won’t be daily, but it will be more fun… I hope. Basically, the concept will be similar, … More Dear 2014 (#26)

Dear 2014 (#25)

Dear 2014, Christmas is finally here! It is an amazing period during which many people are lucky enough to be with their families, having fun! But, not everyone celebrates Christmas, so I won’t talk to you about that. Instead, I want to talk to you about family. Now, as you know I have a brother … More Dear 2014 (#25)

Dear 2014 (#24)

Dear 2014, It is Christmas Eve!! I wish everyone has a great night, whether you celebrate Christmas or not.   Now, I have realized something. Sometimes there are things I want to write about, but what I want to write about them is that we shouldn’t write about them… okay, that was confusing… Let me … More Dear 2014 (#24)