Music playlists

I am currently writing a new playlist with my top 5 Bachata songs.  That will be up a bit later today. Till then enjoy these older playlists I have made.   Just a Little memory of summer A drop of reminiscing  

Summer 2013

This summer I had about 20  favourite songs. Not all of them songs were songs I would dance to, but songs that I enjoyed. Some are older and others came out this year. Nevertheless these were my favourite songs during the summer of 2013. Now, because as I said some of the songs were not songs … More Summer 2013

HELLO!!!! (small diary, small playlist, old writings, so random)

Hey my people, how are you this lovely day, actually it is night where I am, and guess what it is raining. IT’S RAINING MEN HALLELUJAH. AS YOU PROBABLY CAN FIGURE OUT i AM HYPERERIGHT NOW AND REALLY HAPPY SO THIS IS A RANDOM POST (better stop with the capitals now). Okay so I love rain I really do it is … More HELLO!!!! (small diary, small playlist, old writings, so random)

Dead man Walking

So this month is really hard on me. I have a lot of volunteer work, also an MUN conference coming up. Plus Forensics Theatre Choir and my normal school work with all the exams xoming up right around the corner. On top of that my granny is in the hospital, with brain cancer. So I … More Dead man Walking

Let’s imagine

Welcome to this little fantasy playlist. I do not have a lot to say other than enjoy. In no particular order as always this playlist consist of 18 songs. Starting with the song Walking in the air , this song was featured in the movie the Snowman. The original version is amazing, but I also … More Let’s imagine